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At Northwest Med we don't own the equipment, we don't buy your equipment...we put buyers and sellers together so everyone wins!

Northwest Medical was founded to take the risk out of buying or selling used medical equipment.  As a buyer, we use our experience and knowledge having been medical equipment distributors and dealers to get you the highest quality equipment for the best price.  When selling your equipment we act as your agent to find a qualified buyer getting you a fair price without fear of selling too low.  There is no "Kelly Blue Book" for medical equipment.  Working with Northwest Med you can buy and sell with confidence knowing you got the best deal or the best price for your equipment.


Ever feel like buying used medical equipment is more freightening than buying a used car?  It shouldn't have to be that way.  By utilizing our service you instantly become an expert in every modality. 

Long gone are the sleepless nights worrying if you are buying from an ethical company wondering..."Did I get a good price?", "Is the machine going to arrive as promised?"  "Will it work when it gets here?"  "Will they stand behind the product if it doesn't work?"  "Will they honor their warranty?".   At Northwest Med, we understand these concerns and are here to fight for you. 


It happens every day.  Medical professionals decide it is time to upgrade their equipment.  Sometimes the old system is used as a trade in for new equipment.  Sometimes it gets pushed into an unused room and collects dust and loses more value every day.  Northwest Medical specialized in finding a buyer for your used equipment.  As an equipment dealer, we know the value of your equipment in the marketplace and can negotiate with other used equipment dealers to get you the best offer available.  Northwest Medical is also registered at multiple medical marketplaces that advertise to both dealers and other medical professionals looking for equipment just like yours.  Let us pay the fees, list your equipment and find you a buyer.  We negotiate the sale from beginning to end based on your requirements.  When, and only when, your item sells does Northwest Medical get paid.  No matter the selling price, length of sale or methods used a modest 20% of sale price is charged for our services.